Blogging Is Out, Plogging Is In

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Remember when LiveJournal was a thing?

It seems like the other social media you use every day are trying to take the place of it and other blogging platforms.

A slew of new tech updates that allow for longer status updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook are allowing for longer, blog-like updates, which is being called by Wired "plogging," or the idea of blogging via other online platforms. The article says:

"Platforms have figured out how to monopolize their attention; in a way, bloggers should be glad that they're now getting more tools to command that attention for themselves without having to compress their thoughts into an arbitrarily small box. Yes, you give up a degree of independence when you commit your content to someone else's site. But you also become much easier to discover."

Interesting. So what are these social media updates? Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it was working on a product that allow updates over the 140-character limit. Last week, Facebook made changes to its Notes feature (WTF...they have those? We thought that too.) to allow them to be made more "beautiful and customizable, according to a post in Facebook's Newsroom. The example they show is of a recipe with a photo, which looks pretty much like a blog post to us.

While these changes are pretty cool - and much more easy to to find on a single platform - we kind of like visiting our fave blogs because they're so pretty and immersive. What team are you on - blogging or plogging?


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