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Rowan Blanchard Inspired Me to Become a Feminist

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So once again, here I am bringing up Girl Meets World (aka, my favorite show). But this time, it's a little different. This time, I will be talking about the main character of the show, Riley Matthews, played by the lovely Rowan Blanchard.

If you've been on tumblr or Twitter lately, you would know about her amazing tumblr response that helped her become recognized by her role model Emma Watson and her future college Columbia Law. In these next few paragraphs, I'll explain everything she has done to make me want to live like her.

1. Her Open Mind
Rowan has a very open mind when it comes to accepting people as they are. She could meet someone who has the exact opposite beliefs as her and still be respectful toward him/her, something we should all learn to do.

2. Feminist Queen
At first, I thought feminism was about women who hated men and pretty much wanted to get rid of them. But since joining the fandom, Row has taught me more about what a feminist should be than all of the Internet combined. Now, I am a proud, Christian feminist, no matter what people say.

3. Being Herself
If someone would tell Row only to post selfies and not to mention feminism or anything like that, she couldn't do it. That's because being a feminist is who she is, and that's just her being herself. More than anything, I want to be able to be myself no matter what people to tell me to be, and that's a great representative of feminism.

4. Acting and Modeling
Rowan is pretty much flawless, and we all want to look as stunning as her. She is pretty much life goals, am I right? Modeling and Row go together like shopping and New York. Since I started seeing her model and watching her act, it has made me want to be a model and actress just like her.

This post can go on and on forever, but I think this is enough evidence for you guys to understand my love for her. I can't wait to see her grow and continue to teach and inspire others.
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