Is It Fair to Diss Those Viral Selfie-Taking Sorority Girls?

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If you have been on the internet for half a second between now and yesterday, you have seen the video of the Arizona State Alpha Chi Omega sorority girls taking SHAMELESS selfies at a Diamondbacks game.

In case you somehow didn't or need a refresher, check it out on the MLB website.

At first glance, it does seem kinda funny. Like girlfriend, how many HOT DOG selfies can you actually take? But we thought that the announcers were a little savage.

"Every girl in the picture is locked into her phone," says one of the announcers. But this little slice of video was recorded while a T-Mobile promo to become the Data Strong Fan of the Game was asking game goers to "tweet your strongest fan photo" for the chance to be featured on an upcoming broadcast. I mean, what self-respecting Diamondbacks fans wouldn't pick up their phone and start making duck faces for the camera?

We get that ladies can sometimes be aggressively tuned in to their phones, but you can't take a girls' love for selfies, use it as a marketing tool AND mock them when they respond positively. It's just unfair. That said, there is such a thing as getting your selfie to be a little too perfect, sometimes.

Of course, if there was footage of our selfie-taking process, we would be mortified. We feel your pain, girls, but keep doing you!


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