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BTS With South Korea's Fashion Game Changers

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The room is filled with beautiful people who prove that there are a billion ways to wear the color black. I had expected the room to be chaotic with makeup and clothes flying everywhere; instead it is surprisingly quiet and calm. Everyone has a job and is doing it well. Everyone is focused and efficient. I can tell that they have been waiting for this day, the day of the Concept Korea fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

I sit in the room like a fly on the wall, observing absolutely everything until I finally am instructed to wait in line with other press for my turn to interview Jarrett, a designer from South Korea who is preparing to showcase her Spring 2016 collection in a show designed to push South Korean fashion into the global market. I spot her, and she is as stylish as ever. Her look consists of long, flowy pants and dark eye shadow. To the left of her stands her translator expectantly waiting for me to ask the first question. This is a big deal for the designers as this show could possibly change their lives forever. I approach them with my notebook in hand, impressed that I feel at ease with this glamorous person in front of me.
Jarrett starts the interview, saying that she's "a little nervous, but feeling really good." Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one! She adds that it "was hard to think about the difference between Korean and New York fashion," like what people would like. (For the record, I loved her collection!) It's very important for her to get this right. "The U.S. market is the place where everyone comes to buy," she says. IMO, anyone who presents at NYFW has made it, so I ask her to dish advice for any aspiring Jarrett wannabes. She says, "Try to keep changing and developing yourself!" OK, I can do that.
After a successful interview with Jarrett, I did another quick interview with Kaal E. Suktae (pictured), who is another South Korean designer hoping to integrate South Korean fashion into the United States' fashion market. His favorite part of design is that he gets "to know a lot of new things every season," but his individual style is "very casual" and doesn't change with the seasons. But don't read that as boring! He's a fan of accessorizing with bold pieces that pop.

Just where will we see Kaal in five years? He says he'll be "a lot more grown up as an individual and a [corporation], competing in the global market." But will he alter his design to match the world's changing climate? "I think about eco fashion and all the materials that are good for the environment a lot, but every season, the concept changes, so it is really hard to incorporate materials that fit the concept, that match up," he says.

His advice to aspiring designers? "Try your best!"
I sat in awe of fierce models that made Kaal and Jarrett's fabrics come to life. Every model especially, Aube Linda, looked absolutely stunning. Overall, the show was a huge hit! While watching, I remembered what Kaal and Jarrett had to say, and I felt fortunate to have had some insight into the minds that created such wonderful collections.
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