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How to Be Happy and Control Your Sadness and Anger

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Happiness increasing your lifespan? Who would of thought? Hmm, everyone? Or maybe just some people. For instance, me. Smiling and happiness go hand in hand. There are many ways to try to be happier, but they do not work for everyone. Some people deal with more in-depth issues, which are completely normal, and they can work on that with time.

But let's talk about how we can be happier in general. For instance, your friends, they make you happy, and you share inside jokes, leaving you laughing with tears streaming down your face. Who doesn't love that feeling? Pets, or animals in general, give happiness to many people, though some people may not be animal people whatsoever. To the people they do bring happiness to is almost like they help make people less stressed. You can feel the same way with friends; they help you release stress by sharing laughs.
In my opinion, happiness is a stress reliever. I know for me, after a long day, the happiness I feel when I see my pet, it's almost as if the stresses that once were weighing down on me are gone. I know they're still there, but because of feeling less stress, I feel as if I am able to handle my workload better. There are still many other options of choosing to try and be happier throughout your day, or even your life. But let's try to take it day by day, because of course, we do still all have bad days from time to time.

Music is an immense factor that takes part in people's daily lives, controlling their happiness or potentially even sadness. Again, because there are days where happiness can be hard to find. I'm not afraid to admit that I will sit and make a playlist of all of Taylor Swift's sad songs, just because I'm not feeling the greatest that day. But tomorrow, you better believe with taking on a new day, I'll have some upbeat Taylor in my playlist, definitely some Drake, even some Fifth Harmony. We'll sum this up with three simple things that can make your life happier: your friends, your pets/animals and music.
Now dealing with anger and sadness, these emotions are two of the most draining ones you can feel. They take so much out of you, physically and mentally. Sometimes it's hard to deal with them, leaving you in a spiraling state of what may become depression. It's scary, and you may feel sad. But it's normal to feel this way. Despite what you feel now, there will be a positive outcome. It can't stay all bad forever, and it's hard to change your mindset when you do feel anger or sadness, which is why there are different ways to let these emotions out.

For instance, go to the gym, where music again plays a roll with anger or sadness. Make a playlist with your favorite artists, maybe add some music that you know will hype you up. Then work out, doing what you normally do, or maybe switch up the routine. Going to the gym is a way to release stress for many, if not all people. Besides the gym, you can go for a walk with your music, take the dog out with you or go for a bike ride. It gives you time to sit and really think about why you're angry and potentially find a solution.

As for sadness, this emotion was and still is something I feel daily. My extreme sadness or depression, as I was told it was, is still hard to deal with. But when I was at the extremely low point in my life, where I thought this was it, I can't go any lower than this, I started a journal. Yeah, I know many people may have told you do to this already, but letting your emotions out on paper (if you're not comfortable with talking to someone) is beneficial. I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in my room crying, writing just because I felt so low. Guess what? Now I'm here writing about it because I've been where some of you may be right now. Yes, I still have my sad days, where sometimes I choose to write in my journal; some days (usually on my days off) I stay in bed and watch Netflix. All you need is a little bit of time to get yourself together, and if that time is binge all the American Horror Story seasons, then so be it!
Earlier I said smiling and happiness go hand in hand. I believe at the same time happiness, sadness and anger can also go hand in hand. They are emotions felt by every single person in this world, and that's what links them together regardless of their differences. There are so many ways to overcome sadness and anger, I've only listed two of the potential thousands that are out there.

Who knows? Maybe you have your own techniques (which I would love to know!). All that matters at the end of the day, regardless of you feeling anger or sadness, you will find the one or many things that bring you happiness and that is something to look forward to!
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