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What Happened When I Quit Caffeine for a Week

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I've never considered myself myself to be someone who was dependent on caffeine, but I do work at Starbucks, so there's a lot of coffee in my house. I got in the habit of having at least one cup of coffee every day. A few weeks ago, I was having trouble falling asleep, so I decided to quit caffeine cold-turkey to see if that would help.
The first day hit me way harder than I thought it would. I had headaches, and I fell asleep for over an hour on the couch in the middle of the day. The morning of day two, I was already rationalizing with myself that it would be totally fine if I had just one cup of coffee. It was cold out, and I was craving it.
I managed to hold off and only caught myself staring longingly at my coffeemaker once. I did notice some changes. The first day post-caffeine break, I cherished that morning cup of coffee that I'd been counting down the days to, but after that first day, I've noticed that I no longer feel like I have to have it every day. Some days, in fact, I even forget to turn on the coffee pot!

I don't think I could ever be completely caffeine-free - I like my coffees and teas too much - but I did not miss the caffeine crash in the afternoon. Now that I've significantly cut down how much caffeine I'm taking in, my head feels clearer, I get more sleep, and because I get more sleep, it's easier to wake up in the morning.

If you've got a coffee habit like I did, I strongly suggest taking a caffeine vacation - even for just a few days. You just might feel better afterwards.
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