The Important Reason Why This Crowd Photo Went Viral

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At first glance, this just looks like any ordinary crowd. A group of people were gathered at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts on September 15 for the Black Mass premiere. They all have their phones out, hoping to get a great pic of Johnny Depp, Dakota Johnson or one of the film's other stars and they're ready to post it to Instagram with the perfect hashtag so their peeps can start double-tapping away.

There is something extraordinary happening in the very front row, though. Amid the sea of smartphones, and people "experiencing" the moment from behind those tiny little screens, there is this woman, who is truly just living in the moment.

The pic seems to have really struck a chord with people, and has been shared thousands of times on both Twitter and Facebook.

While having a camera in your back pocket is cool and comes in very handy when you're seeing something cool, sometimes we get so caught up in trying to get the perfect pic that we end up missing the moment entirely.

This lady is a powerful reminder that sometimes the best memories we have are the ones that never made it to our iCloud library because we were living in the moment and have stored them in our hearts and our minds instead.
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