Why Are People So Mad About the Kardashian Cosmopolitan Cover?

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The Kardashian/Jenner crew made a huge splash when their 50th anniversary Cosmopolitan cover was released, but to some it was more like a cannonball - the kind that some obnoxious kid does next to you while you were laying out next to the pool with no intention of actually getting wet.

True, the famous fam has about a gazillion fans and this was the first time they had all done a cover together since 2011, but there were A LOT of people who were pretty pissed about the whole thing. Don't worry, though, they weren't necessarily mad at the family themselves, they were mad at what the cover said - and surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the "Easiest workout for an epic a**" thing.

Turns out, Twitter was angry that the mag called the crew "America's First Family."
While Cosmo probably knew they were going to ruffle some feathers in calling the Kardashians "America's First Family," a name which is reserved for the President and their family, they presumably didn't expect the amount of backlash the headline has produced. Twitter is still buzzing with people wanting to throw their two cents in about the situation and even some Kardashian fans are angry about their choice of words.


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