This Wearable Keyboard Will Make Desk Workers Active Again

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Have you ever spent an entire day hunched over a computer? Of course you have. Everyone has.

Nitcha Fame Tothong, an MFA student at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, came up with a solution. She invented a wearable keyboard called the keyBod that lets you type with your body for the New York City Media Lab's Annual Summit.

The keyBod is a plastic vest-like item with programmable keys all over it. Instead of your fingers flying across a keyboard, you might move an arm, or your torso. You can also program it so that you can use your computer's regular keyboard, but the keyBod will alert you if you start to slouch, reports Fast Company. With practice, she believes people could learn to be body typists.

"My inspiration was from my own experience, working as art director and animator for five years. I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen, almost up to 10 hours a day," Nitcha says. "As a result, I began to have a couple of health problems, including back pains. I gradually realized that while using electronic devices, my consciousness is usually lost in the digital environment. I'm not physically present in the body and mind seemed disconnected."

Nitcha has developed a passion for wearable technology and what she calls "physical computing," and that comes through in her brilliant invention. "My interests are always changing, but my one goal which does not change is being able to make artwork that is meaningful to me and other people," she says.

We hope she continues to revolutionize the way we look at office culture. Just because you work at a computer doesn't mean you should lack exercise!


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