Say What? In Three Years Your Car Could Drive Itself

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Real-life Ironman/Tony Stark Elon Musk has unveiled new technology that will produce self-driving cars in as little as three years - not kidding. If you aren't aware of genius Elon Musk, he's a self-made gazillionaire that produces out-of-this-world technology: He's the CEO of Tesla Motors, co-founder of PayPal, and CEO and CTO of SpaceX - an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company. The guy actually landed a rocket - technology that when perfected could save millions upon millions of dollars. He has his hands in about one billion other things, but that list alone solidifies his boss-ness.

In addition to his self-driving technology car news, in a recent interview with a Danish TV show Elon shared that his company, Tesla, will unveil technology in less than a year that will allow a Tesla to run more than 620 miles on a single charge. (Teslas are electric cars.) The Tesla S model will also have an update in less than a month that will give beta users a hands-free driving option, aka autopilot.

While this is pretty cool stuff, Elon mic-dropped when he said that his technology will allow Teslas to be "fully autonomous" in three years. Yes, that means Siri will probably be driving you to the mall so you can sit in the back and group text your squad.

Not only could/will this technology be monumental in its own category, it could disrupt industries and other technologies massively. Who needs a cab or an Uber when you have A.I. (artificial intelligence) that will drive your own car for you?

Obviously there is still a long way to go and a ton of factors to consider: defensive driving techniques for A.I., how to anticipate an accident, parking (can you imagine the conversation you'd have with your car trying to get it to parallel park?!)

Check out the video below (skip to 1:40) of Elon showing off the autopilot of his car and go from 0 to 60 mph. Please also note the reporter's panicked smile and effort to not vomit all over the dashboard. #Hilar


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