This Breastfeeding Mom Put the Haters on Blast in the Most Brilliant Way

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When moms are breastfeeding, they often find themselves having to do so in public - and not because they're exhibitionists and want everyone to see their breasts, but because their baby needs to eat at least every three hours. That doesn't leave them a lot of time to do what they need to do and make sure they're locked in a dark room, hiding themselves every time they need to breastfeed. And why should they have to?

This 21-year-old mom posted a pic of herself breastfeeding on Facebook, perhaps THE most public way one can breastfeed these days, and it went viral in less than four days. Why? It's obviously a beautiful photo of a sweet moment between a mother and her daughter, that's for sure, but it was the caption she included that was just. so. perfect!

"My face when people stare at me feeding my child. Females walk around with their t**ties damn near popping out their shirt for attention, but the moment I pull my breast out to feed my daughter it's a problem?" she questioned. "Mind your own t**s b**ches and let me nourish my daughter."

While she obviously felt judged by fellow women (we've gotta stick together, girls!) we would argue that the same goes for some men who stare. If a woman is walking down the street, showing some serious cleavage - or even wearing a sheer shirt with no bra, that's hot. When a woman is using her breasts for the exact reason they were intended, showing breasts is suddenly totally unacceptable.


Something just doesn't add up!


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