Cara Delevingne Pushes Photographer, Runs Away

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On the heels of Cara Delevingne's recent warning to paparazzi last month, Cara took some action against a crowd of photographers, pushing one of them while entering a Paris restaurant with Kendall Jenner and St. Vincent.

With the paparazzi making it difficult to reach their destination, the trio managed to get through the crowd, but Cara turned around and pushed one of the photogs. She was heard saying, "I pushed him!" before running into the restaurant.

Afterwards, Cara tweeted: "Dear paps, if you are in my way, I have a right to move you."

Last month she tweeted about her struggle with the paps trying to get a rise out of her, telling her fans: "If I wasn't able to vent to you guys, these situations would probably end in violence. I think they push me so far cause they want me to be violent."

While this Paris incident isn't necessarily "violent," we understand how celebs can reach their breaking point when it comes to the pap attention.

Cara, as always, is our spirit animal...find out why everyone's obsessed with Cara!
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