Harry Styles Struggles to Get a Fan's Name Right During One Direction Concert

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This is the cutest...and it shows just how much the One Direction guys care about their fans, which always means so much. Watch as Harry Styles literally stops a 1D concert just so he can get a little girl's name right.

See? You can never accuse these guys of not caring.

During a bit of Happy Birthday well-wishing at their Manchester show on Sunday, Harry struggled to get the name of a 7-year-old girl in the audience. After trying to sort it out for a bit by shouting out a list of possible names (turns out, he's not a great lip reader), he quit the fight and decided to call her Trevor.

Most people would stop there, right? It's got to be a losing battle to try and hear anything with people screaming, but Harry persisted because she looked a bit sadface over the Trevor thing. (Sidenote: Harry, you can call us anything you want, bae.)

What to do though? First, Harry enlisted the help of the fans, with a bit of "pass it on" going on, but it was unsuccessful. On to trying to spell it out with hand gestures (nope) and trying to find a pen and paper in the crowd so she could write it down. No luck, love.

This guy didn't give up though, after stopping the show for four minutes to sort it out, someone figured out they could write her name on an iPhone and hold it up so he could see it on the big screen. Brill.

Her name, by the way? Lexie. And he was thisclose with 'Leslie'!

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