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How to Handle Your Heartbreak

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If anyone has ever been in love, they know that sometimes, things crumble and you do not know how to handle anything after this happens.

About five months ago, I got my heart broken by my first love whom I have been with for roughly two years. Before we made the transition from boyfriend and girlfriend, we were best friends in high school. We did everything together, and everyone thought that we were the couple that would make it through anything. But other people get in the way and get involved in your relationship, and that is never really helpful and it hurts one more than the other.

When everything happened, I was in shock. I was numb, and I didn't know how to handle everything. Like everyone says #timehealseverything, that became my motto for the entire summer. The first couple of months, my friends had to drag me out, but later, I came to terms and realized that there is more to life than waiting for someone to come around to be with that person. Being in love is a great feeling, but when it isn't the right time to be with that person, you can just tell - talking turns into fighting and fighting turns into not talking at all.

One piece of advice for anyone going through a heartbreak: Lean on your friends, family and or someone you can talk to. If you need to cry, cry it out even if it's five months later. There is no shame in crying. It is getting out all your emotions and healing all your wounds.

Love will find you when you least expect it.
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