A Wearable for Your Vag-jay-jay?! Tech Just Went There

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As wearable tech becomes more entrenched in our lives everyday, there's one place we thought it might never go...and it just did.

The newest wearable is made for down there, and it is called the LOONCUP. It's currently less than $5,000 away from reaching its goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter.

The LOONCUP is essentially a souped-up DivaCup that syncs to your phone - a smart menstrual cup that is supposed to "redefine menstruation." o_O

We know it sounds weird AF. But the LOONCUP is actually a genius idea: It lets you know how full it is through three sensors that communicate with an app on your smartphone, according to Fast Company. It tells you when you should empty or switch it out. It also can analyze your fluid color and cycle, and tells you when you should see a doctor.

Like other period-tracking apps, it can also tell you when your period is about to start, so you know to have your LOONCUP handy.

The tech industry has been paying close attention to women's health recently, producing smarter menstrual cycle apps like Clue and Eve by Glow that help girls learn about their periods using scientific data. The LOONCUP takes it one step further.

Early backers can get their LOONCUP for $35 (plus free shipping) on the Kickstarter page.

Are you ready to know more about your period than you ever have before?


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