Make Your Friends LOL With Skype's New "Mojis"

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The power of a GIF can't be explained. Sometimes, only a video can cut it.

That's what the developers at Skype must have realized, because several weeks ago they rolled out Mojis, short GIF-like clips taken from movies and TV shows, according to a post on Skype's blog. To create the clips, Skype has teamed up with Universal Studios, BBC and Disney's Muppets. The resulting videos include your fave scenes from Despicable Me, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect and The Office.

Skype MojisThe developers at Skype do not refer to them as GIFs. Mojis actually have sound and they do not play on loop (less annoying, IMO). But they basically serve the same purpose of bringing joy and laughter to you and your squad's lives.

"Sometimes real life feels like it's straight out of a movie and words just don't do it justice," says Yasmin Khan, Product Marketing Director at Skype, whose fave Moji is the "Aca-scuse Me" one from Pitch Perfect (yeah, she's pretty cool). "Moving forward, we are excited to team up with other studios around the world to continuously offer new films and characters to add to your Moji collection. This is the first exciting step on a journey to make Skype a more personal experience."

The video below contains an example, so you can see how great the quality is:

Who knows, these Mojis might have us chatting on Skype more often! But is it enough to convert us from Google Hangouts?


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