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Will You Watch President Barack Obama's Reality TV Show?

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Everyone has a guilty pleasure. It's human nature. For a lot of people, reality shows are a massive one. Whether you're trying to "Keep up" with a certain family or watch teens raise children, either way, you're hooked and you just wasted a whole day losing yourself in someone else's life.

I have never been one of those people. I am very, very picky about my reality TV consumption. I like shows that require talent and skill. Dancing With The Stars and The Voice are two of my favorites. Shows like DWTS that take individuals with little or no experience in dance and turn them into ballroom dancers and The Voice, which showcases people of all ages with extraordinary voices? TALENT. That's the difference between a good show and a crappy show, in my opinion.
Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Season 1Last year, I started watching a show called Running Wild with Bear Grylls. This guy has been doing TV for a number of years, and if you have never heard of him, type in his name into YouTube and, well, let's just say you will certainly find some interesting and possibly disturbing videos. There may be one where his urine is involved. I just avoid that one.

Aside from his survival skills, he is a cool dude. I like watching him on TV. This new show, which is not so new anymore (it is in its second season), is a great display of his skill and personality, and we get to witness a well known celebrity push him/herself beyond his/her physical and mental limitations.

There are also times on the show when the viewer gets reallllllllllyyyy lucky:
or they get...well, not so lucky:
That was a low point in the Zac Efron episode, but it is really good. I swear!

This past September (a few weeks ago), Bear recorded a special episode. The President of the United States, as in Barack Obama, while on a trip to Alaska to address the growing concerns of climate change, went on one of Bear's adventures. This surprised a lot of people, and it has brought up a variety of opinions.

Mine? This is awesome! I voted for Obama way back when - both times I voted for him. I liked the idea of having a president who made an effort to relate to his voters and not just about the money sitting in his political campaign bank account or whose a** to kiss to get what he wants. He, soon, will no longer be our president, so he is taking advantage of the time he has left in this position. He is now putting himself on national television possibly eating something he doesn't recognize and showing a very different side of himself than the political figure we are used to seeing and hearing.

That's the kind of person I am glad to have in the presidency. Sure, some of the things that happened under his watch have affected me negatively, but he has done more good than harm and that's what I care about. He isn't sitting in his ivory tower looking down over his country. He is right there in the mountains, hiking, fishing and allowing us to see him as more than just the politics and speeches. I am super excited to see his episode when it airs.

OK...one more Zac Efron:
(collective sigh)
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