5 Times Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid Were Basically the Same Person

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If you haven't noticed yet, Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid look like they were separated at birth. They look so much alike that in certain photos it's difficult to tell which one is which. If Bella wanted to stand-in for Jennifer on Hunger Games no one would question it, and if J.Law hit the runway for Bella, we wouldn't even blink. As far we know, they aren't related, but these two are total twinsies. These snaps of them are about to blow your mind.

1. When Jennifer Lawrence Put on Katniss Glam Make-Up and Was Bella Hadid's Mirror Image.


2. When Bella and Jennifer Looked Like They Were at the Same Photo Shoot, Hitting the Same Pose (But, They Weren't).


3. When They Slicked Back Their Hair for Photo Shoots and We Couldn't Tell Them Apart.

Instagram, Dior

4. When Bella Posted a Selfie on Instagram and Looked Like She Could've Fought President Snow in Hunger Games.

Instagram, Lionsgate

5. When They Gave the Same Open-Mouth Pout and Slayed.


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