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A Fangirl's Thank-You Letter to the Jonas Brothers

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It's one of those nights when I can't sleep. I can barely think although I'm full of thoughts, and it's as if by inertia, I start listening to some old tracks of my favorite band. Those songs have been with me since what feels like forever now.

Suddenly, I find myself surrounded by memories. I remember my high school days when I was so happy and just enjoying those simple things of life with my best friends by my side. There's this Jonas Brothers' song that I immediately relate to those terrific days because the lyrics simply describe how great it is to be happy for no special reason and how awesome it is to "wild, free, more than you think." It was just the way we rolled, and I was happy to have the lyrics to express the nonsense kind of happiness.
Even for my "in and out of love" days, there are still some songs related. In fact, I don't think there's a person who's ever listened to "When You Look Me in the Eyes" that doesn't like it. It's just too flawless not to be admired, or the perfect lyrics for songs like "Underdog," "Fly with Me," "Love Is on Its Way" and others. If I were to say what each song means to me, I don't think I would ever end.
There were also those days when I started struggling with some stuff, days where literally I wouldn't even leave home, and there they were with the perfect song to make me feel better. The Jonas Brothers were there to remind me that I just had to wait a little bit longer and all would fall into place. I'd feel like everything would turn right if I could just fall into their arms or those times they'd remind me that the world's spinning round and there's no time to slow it down, but I had to take a breath.

And, probably, those last moments are the ones that I'm more grateful for. Because as irrational as it may sound, they were there for me when I needed them, and for some reason I don't fully get to understand, they'd make my trying times feel less terrible, which may be the reason why I decided to listen to them today.

As soon as my playlist began, I knew I wanted to write this "thank-you letter" because even if they do not know it, the Jonas Brothers' songs or even their advice/speeches given in an interview helped me. Thinking back to those days, there was a perfect soundtrack for every moment – good or bad – and, in fact, I started believing in my dreams and in myself partially thanks to them, thanks to these three guys from New Jersey who gave me some extraordinary memories.

I am grateful for their songs, the lessons I learned from them, for their bright souls and their love and passion for music. I am grateful that I eventually got to meet them, and they were as down to earth and as sweet as I imagined. I know the Jonas Brothers are not a band anymore, but they will forever be my favorite band.

I am 21 now, and I have been making them part of my life's soundtrack since I was 13. They have had a huge impact on me and even if they don't know or remember me, those seconds in front of them are some of the best memories I have. I am also grateful that I got to meet some great people I call sisters now thanks to them.
So, thank you Kevin, Joe and Nick. You are part of the some of the best memories I have, and I would not want it any other way.
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