'Aladdin' Honest Trailer Will Change Everything You Ever Thought About the Disney Classic

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Screen Junkies is back with an Honest Trailer for the Disney classic Aladdin...and it's a real thinker, guys.

It completely changes the way we're going to look at this movie from now on because, honestly, we never really thought of Aladdin being that much of a scammer. Shrugs.

Aladdin is not so much the sweet guy trying to win over Princess Jasmine, as much as he is a liar and a thief. Oh big sigh, y'all. What lengths will Aladdin go to get the girl? When you look at it this way, it's not all so romantic as we first thought - as much as a giant sham and a flying carpet full of trickery.

The song "A Whole New World" will never be the same for us after this, kicking it off with "I just kidnapped this girl, 'cause her midriff is sexy" and, well...it gets pretty racy after that.

Also noteworthy is Aladdin's zero nipple situation and, oh yeah, Jasmine is 15. Um, kinda sketchy when Aladdin asks if she trusts him, "then says whatever it takes to get into her M.C. Hammer pants."
aladdin honest trailer
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