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'American Horror Story' Is Back and Creepier Than Ever

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Hello people of the Internet! Did anyone see American Horror Story this week? The hit show returned with a season opener that did not disappoint. It was a ghoulish way to check into the Hotel. For those of you who did not watch the episode, spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers; this is your warning.

First of all, oh my god, Lady Gaga slayed! She literally kills with a swipe of her finger. Gaga's red dress was on point. Her character is haunting and breaks all the rules. Show runner Ryan Murphy really pushed the boundaries this time when creating her character. Gaga's in-show children are super creepy, just as expected. Detective John Lowell's (Wes Bentley) lost child is one of the kids. Why is Gaga's character stealing children? Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates perfectly played their roles as well. So far, the acting this year is spot on.

Second, how can this hotel not have WiFi?! That just seems so peculiar for a modern day hotel. You know something's up when there is no Internet service.
Third, within the first 10 minutes, a disturbing person already popped up. Girls, do not open up the mattress to see what is in it! Just run, leave, get out!

Lastly, where is Evan Peters?

To be honest, if this is what we can expect from episodes to come, I do not know how I can make it through the whole season! I'm so scared and disturbed already. If you like things really scary, creepy, and gory, this is the season for you. #youdoyou I'm not sleeping for a week. I'm putting on the Disney Chanel for a cleanse.
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