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It's OK to Take Your Time When Figuring Out Your Future

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Almost out of high school and struggling to determine what you're going to major in? Or if you're struggling with the thought of even attending college, that's something that every student goes through. I believe November/December is the time students start applying to the colleges of their choosing, which can be extremely stressful.

I'm 23, and freshman in college. After five years of trying to find myself (which I have yet to fully do), I applied to school. I cannot begin to tell you the excitement I felt about going back to school. I know, some of you may think, I am crazy. But feeling like you're wasting your days away even when you're working is not a great feeling. I applied to my city's public university, and after four months of waiting, got accepted. I was so excited; I remember checking my email every single day. Now here I am. The medical field was always my go to career path, but now communication studies/journalism is where I see myself thriving.

Are you in high school, thinking about college and not knowing what route is best for you? That's OK. Are you out of high school still not knowing which route is best for you? That's OK. I'm not sure why throughout high school, they try to get you to determine what they want you to do for the rest of your life.

Entering high school at 14 years old and leaving at 18 years old (or leaving whenever you get the courage to finish), is a period of growth, for yourself physically and mentally. It is a time to learn the basics of education in hopes that you will continue your education by going to college though college is not for everyone. College is a huge commitment; just when you think you're free of homework, signing up for another four years of it? No thank you.
That's what some students may think, No thank you, I'd rather choose to live my life through this path that I am on right now. This path that they chose is what is best for them at the time, and in time, they can determine whether or not they'd like to attend school. Some students automatically say, "Sign me up," knowing what they want their life path to look like. Other students say, "I'm going to take a year off, then I'll return back to school." Whether or not they return is completely fine. They're adults at this point and making their decisions is up to them and them only.

We support every high school graduate; you've made it this far. You might be researching colleges right now, you may be in college now, you may be working supporting yourself, or you may be taking time to find out what is right for you. Each of these situations are beneficial to each and everyone of you as your own person. You know what you can and can not handle. I couldn't handle working and going to school, and I chose work, until now. Now I finally have the mindset that school is my top priority. It took five years, and I may be the oldest person in some of my classes, but at the end of the day, who cares? I am there to learn just like all of these students. We're in this together, setting up paths for our future.

To the soon-to-be high school graduates who still are not sure what they want their futures to look like and are hesitant about school because school is a huge responsibility, research the top 10 careers that will be thriving in 2025. One may stick out to you and could ultimately make your decision about going to school. None could stick out to you, and you could continue to work, make money and support yourself, which is 100 percent fine also.

If you're a student who does not see a future with school in it and is having trouble trying to find a job, do your best to put a resume together, ask for your parent's help if needed (or my help, I can try to help to the best of my ability). Though if you choose to make your resume on your own, Google is always there for you. There are tons of websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed that once you upload your resume, you will start getting emails to apply to jobs. Going through the process of applying to jobs can be extremely tedious, but at the end of the day, you will have a positive outcome though it may take time, be patient.
I wish nothing but the best for all the high school students/graduates out here who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their futures. Please do not stress yourself out; it took me five years to finally figure out what I want my future to look like. Your future path may take time also. Don't rush it; things will all work out.
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