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I Am the Child of an Arranged Marriage

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How would you feel if you were asked if you would be ready to spend the rest of your life with a person you have never met? A lot of people I know can not get their heads wrapped around the idea of arranged marriage. "How can one agree to build a life with a person they barely know?" they ask.

My parents had an arranged marriage. When I was 14, I used to believe that it was impossible for people to fall in love if the marriage was arranged. It seemed like an agreement between two people. My dad would go to work and come back, they'd have dinner, and then they'd sleep. Where's the love?, I'd think. But later on, I realized that love is, indeed, there. And it is more than just an agreement. You tend to fall in love or grow to love the person your parents set you up with.

The concept of arranged marriage might sound strange to some, but in South Asian countries such as mine, it is quite the norm. A study from 2012 shows that nearly 55 percent of the marriages across the globe are arranged. The divorce rate of such marriages is around 6 percent, which is comparatively low. But these statistics do not guarantee that an arranged marriage will necessarily be successful. Many of these marriages end up in divorce due to lack of mutual understanding between the couple.

Conclusion? It is OK for you to fall in love with the person you have married, just as it is OK for you to marry the person you love. So marry whoever and however you wish.

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