The iPhone 6s is Seriously Hot, But Not in a Good Way

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If you're feeling a serious case of FOMO because you still haven't had the chance to purchase the new iPhone 6s, then your decision to hold off on stepping up your phone game might've been the right move. Just ask the numerous customers who claim their fingers have been singed by the smartphone's overheating home button.

According to Elite Daily, multiple iPhone 6s owners say that Apple's newest smartphone also has some other glitches, in addition to the scorching button. There have been multiple reports of the phone freezing up for an extended period of time as well as audio and 3D touch issues.

Seriously?! Who can snap selfies with the iPhone 6s like Selena Gomez when their fingers are burning?

The good news is that there appear to some quick fixes for anyone whose new Apple smartphone performs at a level less than that of a shiny, new tech toy. Boy Genius Report has already come up with a list of troubleshooting methods for frozen screens such as making sure the screen is clean and restoring the phone from a backup. Ultimately, they advise you to contact Apple if your iPhone 6s refuses to cooperate.

We're pretty sure Apple will respond to these reports ASAP, but in the meantime if you can manage to take a selfie, you'll probably want to throw on a pair of gloves before snapping the photo.
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