There's a Justin Bieber D-Pic Floating Around and the Internet Has Gone Mad

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Welp, we've officially seen ALL of Justin Bieber. We've peeped his booty cheeks on that boat, and his sexy abs showing off that new ink there's a Bieber d**k picture floating around the Internet and basically everyone is losing it.

The Biebs is currently on a tropical vacation and as he was staying at a nice beachside villa somewhere in Bora Bora, he decided to go for a swim. Naked. He was reportedly enjoying his vacation with a new lady love named Jayde Pierce.

Cue the paparazzi. They took vacation photos of the Biebs in the nude, and now that ish is everywhere.

​​The New York Daily News had the exclusive, the result of a zoom lens clickbait. They kindly blurred out Justin's peen in their "Bieber in the Buff" report, but that hasn't stopped the silly people on the 'net. There are TONS of pictures floating around with Bieber's pee pee covered up with the most random ish you can the Taco Bell symbol. For reals. #LOL

It's worth noting before you jump on Google that these photos have been taken without Justin's knowledge or his consent, while he was under the belief he was in a private resort. We kind of feel bad for peeping on him, but let's be real...we know he doesn't mind being in the buff. We're also pretty sure if you do enough digging around you'll be able to find the un-edited versions.

#WhatDoYouPeenBieber? Sorry, we had to.
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