Drunken Student Who Raged Over Mac and Cheese Leaves School

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As someone who can be motivated (read: bribed) to do pretty much anything if there's food involved, I totally relate to people who go to extremes to get just one bite of their most favorite, drool-worthy meal. However, one huge exception is Luke Gatti, the 19-year-old University of Connecticut who recently acted a complete drunken a** over some mac and cheese. Everyone knows that mac and cheese is bomb AF, but Luke's behavior was a completely inexcusable way to handle a craving, which may explain why he has reportedly volunteered to leave the university.

According to Gawker, an inebriated Luke stormed the campus cafeteria (with beer in hand) on Sunday, demanding some "f**king jalapeño bacon mac and cheese." He also referred to the cafeteria manager as a "f**king idiot," and became so enraged that another food service worker intervened before the campus police arrived. The incident was captured on video, uploaded to YouTube the next day and has unsurprisingly gone viral.

Initial reports claim that Luke was expelled, citing tweets from UConn students and a Snapchat video that shows him packing up and leaving campus. However, the Daily Mail reported that Luke is still enrolled as a student at the university, but was unable to attain any official updates on the incident from a school spokesperson who refused to offer specifics on the grounds of federal student privacy laws.

The scary thing is this isn't Luke's first belligerent campus outburst. He was arrested twice in 2014 as a student at University of Massachusetts-Amherst for disorderly conduct and an alleged assault on a police officer.

Meanwhile, Luke faces charges of trespassing and breaching the peace. It seems like he needs to pump the brakes on his college education until he can get his anger (and cravings) under control.


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