Lavender Hair Just Got an Edgy Makeover You Need to See

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If there's one rainbow color that I'm still super into, it's lavender locks. The head-turning purple makes for total fantasy hair, and plenty of celebrities have embraced this cool trend: Demi Lovato, Kelly Osbourne, and Nicole Richie have all rocked the hue to the envy of brunettes and blondes everywhere. Now, there's an even edgier take on lavender hair, and the final product will make your jaw drop.

Brand Pravana introduced the world to a new color technique that Pravana has coined "Smokestack" hair, and it's absolutely everything you'll want your hair to be. In the mesmerizing video below, Pravana colorist Vadre Grigsby uses the brand's VIVIDS Black additiveโ€‹ to layer grey with purple on the hair model's locks, and it's definitely a step up from all-over lavender hair. The results are a breathtaking mix of color that is reminiscent of a cloud of smoke, and you may find yourself dialing your colorist's number by the time the final result is shown.

Though Smokestack hair is pretty specific, the grey/lilac looks has been around for a long time. These Instagram users certainly have enviable locks:

๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’• Dimensional silver, lavender & pastel pink ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’•

A photo posted by @glamhairbyadriana on

So how can you score Smokestack hair? Sorry, brunettes, but if you want the look you're going to have to strip - your hair, anyway. Only very light blondes can achieve the mix necessary to get truly smoked hair, so it's definitely a hair change to think long and hard about.

If you are ready for a major hair makeover and don't mind a little bleach action, there's really nothing cooler than this edgy take on the lavender trend. My currently brunette self is already jealous of anyone who is making the leap.
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