Ross Lynch Reveals His First Date Ever: 'I Don't Really Do Things Conventionally...'

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Liar, liar, Ross Lynch's pants are not on fire because he kept it one hundred!

Disney Channel star and R5's front man, Ross, got really real with us during our truth or dare interview. After the 19-year-old answered some personal questions during his 5 gum Truth challenge on Twitter, revealing some of his deepest and darkest secrets, we knew we had to ask our own burning questions too.

We mean, how often can we hear about a celeb's first date ever and what the most daring thing they ever did was?

Cambio: We dare you to tell us the truth: Have you ever lied in an interview (that you can remember)?
Ross Lynch: "No, I don't think I have..."

C: Great. Now we can begin. Who was your first celebrity crush?
RL: "Hayden Panettiere in one of her earlier films."

C: Can you sum up each of your band members with just one word each?
Riker - Optimistic
Rydel - Motherly
Rocky - Wise
Ratliff - Funny

Bout to play a little acoustic jig on @joizde

A photo posted by R5 (@officialr5) on

C: What's your biggest guilty pleasure on TV?
: "Peaky Blinders"!

C: There have been a handful of Disney Channel stars that have made an awesome career for themselves once they left the network. Which former Disney star do you look up to most, and why?
RL: "Justin Timberlake is a good one. He has managed music, acting, and other things nicely."

C: What's the most memorable fan encounter that you've ever had?
RL: "Most of them are really memorable. Whether they are running after me to take a picture, or they are too shy to speak. The most memorable is when this guy wanted to take a picture with me, but we were driving on the freeway in separate cars..."
C: We dare you to tell us about your very first date! How did you ask the girl out and where did you go?
RL: "I don't really do things conventionally... I had met the girl the night before and I wanted to see her again so I just called her and asked to see her. She replied with 'What do you want to do?' I had no idea... So we ended up painting at my house and driving around LA causing trouble."

C: What was the most "daring" thing you ever did?
RL: "A few years ago I went skinny dipping in the ocean with friends, and we lost our swimsuits in the water..."


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