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10 Struggles of Being a Twin

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1. Everything Has to Be Equal
This goes for all twins. If you got something, your twin had to get something. That might sound great when you're younger, and one demands a piece of candy at the supermarket and by default, you get to pick one also. But, when you're a teenager, all that changes! For example, you both get a driver's license and BAM! You get stuck sharing a car because insurance skyrockets, and your parents just cannot get two cars! Heaven forbid only one gets the new car.

2. The Twin Telepathy Question"So do you guys like have...twin telepathy?" Yes, I've been asked this about 100 times in my lifetime, and each time the answer is no, I cannot read the mind of my twin. In fact, I can't read anybody's mind! Wow! What a shock!

3. Fraternal vs. Identical
When someone mentions "twins," you probably think of identical twins with matching clothes. Identical twins are cool and everything, but us fraternal twins are so underrated! We're just as special; we also shared the same food for nine months.

4. "You Don't Even Look Like Twins."
What exactly qualifies as "looking like a twin"?

5. You're Always Compared
Being compared to your younger or older siblings is terrible enough. Try being compared to someone the exact same age as you. You're both expected to be progressing at the same time, and you're both expected to help each other out if one is falling behind. Naturally, we progress when our time has come. I was always a little more advanced than my brother in certain things, and he is more advanced than me in other things. We're two different people, not robots.

6. It's Not Always Like the Movies or TV ShowsThe Parent Trap, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Sister Sister are just a few of the hundreds of twin-tastic programs we all know and love. Realistically, my twin and I aren't going to be taking over a hotel with our masterminds anytime soon, but that's not the point. Twin life isn't always one big party. We still fight and have our bumpy times just like the rest of y'all. Unless you're Viola and Sebastian Johnson, twin life can be a little boring.

7. Being a Fraternal Twin With the Opposite GenderYou're already not cool enough because you aren't identical twins, but now you aren't even the same gender.

"Oh my god! You're a twin! I didn't know!"

"Yeah, I have a brother!"


That's usually when the conversation ends.

8. Having the Same Friends
Growing up and having the same friends as your twin can be bittersweet. It's great that you can all hang out together, but sometimes we just want some time away from our twin. If we decided to go out without the other half, it could be taken the wrong way.

9. The Favorite Twin

I will truly never know if one twin is favored over the other. Mom and Dad, who's your favorite?

10. Different Life Paths
I chose college; my brother chose work. For some reason people think that "the twins" will always end up following each other. We can still be there for each other even if we don't truck off to college together.
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