Twitter Reacts to the Google Drive Being Down and Now We Don't Feel So Alone

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Friday, October 9 will forever be known as the day the Google Drive went down for a few hours. All right, maybe it won't necessarily be written into the future history books, but it's something we won't soon forget.

When the Google Drive went down, we all had that moment of panic where we wondered why we were even trusting this mysterious cloud drive that we can't see or touch and that seemingly has the ability to spontaneously combust, taking all of our photos and documents with it.


Then, we wondered if it was just OUR drive or if everyone's Google Drive was down. So, we did what we all do when there is an internet crisis. We jumped on Twitter. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be) we found out we were not alone and there were others experiencing this tragedy right along with us:
All right, so this is really happening ::::Don't panic, don't panic:::: OH MY GOD, Google Drive is down!
Could this be "the end"? We have more faith in Google than that, so all we can do is refresh the f**k out of our Google Drive page and hope for the best:
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