YouTube Star Caleb Logan's Memorial Service Streams Live

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Facebook and Periscope are making new waves in technology, with Facebook Live and Periscope's mission to step outside of emoji-sharing SnapChat-like services to bring live, real-world streaming experiences to people all over the world. Most recently, the two companies have made news with the streaming of a memorial for 13-year-old YouTube star Caleb Logan.

The young internet star and his YouTube family network Bratayley used Facebook and Periscope to mourn the young boy who has passed and honor his most likable qualities and interests, naming him "witty, athletic" and a lover of "magic, sushi, and traveling."

What made this service so significant was that the channel was able to share their emotional tribute with over 40,000 viewers, giving all of his loved ones and fans a chance to mourn this unfortunate and terrible death.

This poses a new way of impacting the world through live streaming tools, outside of the main types of events that have been highlighted like Lindsay Vonn skiing, celebrities connecting with their fans, or presidential campaigns. These free services provided the opportunity for friends, fans, family, and more loved ones to send and share their love for the young teenager who so tragically passed, whereas any other outlet - like TV - would likely have taken a large-scale production, and not to mention come with a high cost.

When live streaming tools like Meerkat, Periscope - and even Facebook - say that their mission is to disrupt technology and change the world, I'm starting to think they actually may mean it.

Not only are they providing impactful, powerful, and personal experiences to users all over the world in real-time, they're diversifying their technology innovation. Facebook, for example, is taking its connected mission a step further of bringing old friends (and new) together on its social platform. It's using laser beams to bring people the internet in remote areas of the world. Facebook plans to start doing this in Africa mid-2016.

On the other side, some outlets having been giving the Bratayley channel flack for streaming the memorial service. Fellow social media sensation Cameron Dallas disagrees, quoting this week, "I think the fans in some weird way are a part of him. I think that's something [the Bratayley family] should do and to be able to have the strength to do that is amazing."‚Äč

What do you think - do you agree? Should we all accept that technology is shifting not only the way we communicate, but grieve and mourn? Tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh.

Watch Caleb's memorial below:


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