What Happened When These BFFs Saw Each Other Naked for the First Time?

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Have you ever wondered what your BFF looks like naked? You might have thought about it in some **totally not creepy** kind of way. Or maybe you never thought about it at all. Many of us have just accidentally found out, especially if your BFF is your roommate. No matter how careful you are, it somehow just seems to happen during that one moment you let your guard down and change with the door open.

In this case, these BFFs hadn't seen each other naked and BuzzFeed set out to change that. Why? Why not?!

At first, every single pair of disrobing BFFs had some awkward laughing in the immediate aftermath of the nakedness. Some of them don't want to break eye contact because they clearly don't want to be the first one to look.
Eventually, they can't avoid it anymore and each one looks the other up and down - and then something amazing happens. The compliments start rolling out like crazy. Every single girl had something nice to say about the other - and while it would be super uncomfortable to strip down in front of your BFF (on camera, no less) getting such an intimate compliment on your body from someone who isn't trying to sleep with you would actually feel pretty awesome.


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