The Headline That Hurts Hilary Duff the Most Will Surprise You

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If you're still a Disney kid at heart, you know that Hilary Duff will forever be associated with Lizzie McGuire, the middle schooler she played on the hit Disney Channel sitcom. The craziest thing about that is, Hilary is so very far from being a middle schooler: her most important job to date is being a mom to her son Luca. Hilary is so invested in raising her kid right that she revealed that it's actually gossip about her parenting skills - and not about her looks or who she's dating - that hurts her the most.

Hilary told Yahoo Parenting that while it's been hard to live under the scrutiny of the public eye, the biggest challenge so far has been the world criticizing even the most minor of her parenting choices. She told the site:

I can't help it if someone's taking a picture when I'm taking him to get a haircut... and he throws a tantrum and then there's a headline: "Can't Control Her Child!" ...I felt judged when I decided to start supplementing with formula after seven months, or when we got my son vaccinated or put him on antibiotics for an ear infection. People were like, 'You should really try oil remedies.

And to think that Lizzie's biggest struggle was having people judge her for buying her first training bra.

Happiest place on earth #Disneyland @Disneyland

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Times have definitely changed, and as Hilary's interview proves, people are going to have something to say about celebs at every point in their lives. Hilary seems to be doing more than fine as a parent, and while she may hate these headlines, she's way too busy being a badass actress/singer/super mom to give them that much attention. Lizzie would totally approve of Hil's chill.
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