Two New Pizza Rats Have Taken Over the Internet

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When they say New York has the best pizza, they aren't kidding and there are currently at least three rats that are acutely aware of that fact.

First, there was OG pizza rat, who went viral after dragging a slice of pizza down a flight of stairs, which was pretty impressive. He is still enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and is currently for sale as a Halloween costume, but now he has some competition, courtesy of two new pizza rats, also inhabiting the New York City subway.

These guys weren't as lucky as the original pizza rat, because there's two of them and only one piece of pizza. Original pizza rat had that huge slice all to himself. Either way, pizza is worth fighting for and these guys get it.

At first, it looked like the rat on the right had it made in the shade. He was nomming all by himself, until left rat came along, snagged his slice and made a backwards run for it. Right rat wasn't giving up that easy, though. He gained the upper hand about 14 seconds in, but left rat made an epic comeback, doing a second backwards pizza run.


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