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I'm Bisexual. This Is my Story

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I will never forget the day I had a crush on a girl. She was in the fourth grade with me, and she was so beautiful and so great. Fifth grade was the year I had a crush on a boy, but the girl was still in my class. That same year, I looked up why am I having these feelings. It turns that I'm bisexual. I learned more about it, and I accepted it.

But the hate comes in. One time, one of my "friends" called me a "faggot lover." I was hurt so badly. Why would they say that to me? I was shunned from my classmates, depressed and wanted to die. Ever since then, I was in the closet for three years.

Fast forward to 2013. I'm in eighth grade, and I was living at a center. I came home for New Year's, and I worked on letting go of my past and accepting who I am. I had a plan about how to come out. At dinner, my mom and family friend were saying what they wanted to let go. When it was time for me to say something, I said the words that I wanted to say in three years, "Everyone, I'm bisexual."

Everyone was quiet, and then, my mom said, "Erin, I love you for who you are." I almost started to cry. "EB, I'm very proud of you for being OK with yourself, not a lot of people come out like that," my family friend said.

It felt like a weight was leaving me; I could not believe it. Since then, I came out to my aunts, uncles, cousins, my best friend, basically the people I trust. Today, I have came out to my ENTIRE family. I challenge you to do the same on October 11, National Coming Out Day. It may take some time, but you can do it. I am now a proud bisexual, and I am very happy to be who I am.
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