This Haunted House Is So Terrifying, You Have to Sign a Waiver

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A couple in Tustin, California has created a haunted house so utterly terrifying, they're making guests sign a waiver before they're allowed to enter.

The 17th Door was created by Robbie and Heather Luther, who began construction on the project back in April. And unlike a lot of haunted houses where it's just a bunch of people with fake chainsaws popping out at you, this one has a creepy theme that puts your nerves on edge before you even walk through the FIRST door.

According to their website, guests will take a journey inside the demented mind of Paula, a freshman at the fictional Gluttire University. "In a University like this, dreams only become nightmares and Paula waits to share her's with you," it says. And as if that isn't enough to totally creep you out, it advertises that - as the name implies - it is 17 ROOMS of "psychological terror."

"There's a lot going on, where it's very interactive and immersive and kind of invades your space. You will get touched and you might get wet," co-creator Heather Luther told ABC 7.

Apparently, the 17th door is actually the scariest, so just when you think you're almost home-free, they scare the s**t out of you one last time.

If you're thinking it might be a little too much, but want to give it a try, The 17th Door offers a unique feature where they allow guests to use a safe word, "Mercy," if they want to leave in the middle of the haunted house. So far, about 350 guests have had to use the safe word.
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