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12 Reasons Why I Cannot Adult Today

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"Just another manic Monday..." is what is currently playing in my head. I've got a case of the Monday blues. Actually now being in my early 20s, sometimes everyday feels like a Monday - stressful and blah. Being in the best years of your life (aka your 20s) is an amazing time. You're certainly working hard and building your empire - #GirlBoss - and trying to have a social life on a Friday night. Don't get me wrong. I'm certainly enjoying my young adulthood, but sometimes I just want my biggest worry to be whom I'm going to have a playdate with after school, what I'm having for lunch and what to wear for dance class later.

I just cannot adult today...

Because of Netflix, the greatest/worst invention ever. Thank you for consuming five hours of my life binge-watching Orange Is the New Black last night instead of doing my homework.
Because I was up until 2 a.m. doing homework last night (thanks Netflix).
Because my love life has more drama than an episode of General Hospital.
Because I ate some (a lot) of fries today, and I despise that it will be evenly distributed to all the wrong places.
Because I'm running on four hours of sleep and I really wish nap time was back in my life again.
Because I'm in my "make it or break it" years and I have to actually think about my future, rather than just think about what's for dinner.
Because I was running so late for school, I didn't have time to eat breakfast. Where's mom making toaster waffles for us every morning?
Because I long for the weekend. Friday where you at? But...my weekend consists of working, so no weekend for me.
Because the end of the month is approaching and that means my bills (OK, only two bills but still!) will be gifted to me before I know it.
Because I'm clearly procrastinating as I scroll through Instagram and Facebook instead of tackling my to-do list.
Because as 10 p.m. rolls around, I just want to be snuggled under the blankets watching Halloween movies and eating mini Snickers.
Because being an adult is some tough work and we should enjoy our youth, not rush growing up.
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