This Desk Doubles as a Bed: On the Job Napping Is a Reality

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Whoa, did someone just rip off a classic Seinfeld George Costanza idea? Back in the 90s, the TV character devised a nap space under his desk to snag a few zzz's on the job.

Hey, we are all too familiar with the mid-afternoon slump, but what if you could totally crash right under your desk in a cozy space designed for a power nap?

Welcome to the future of workplace restfulness.

Designer Athanasia Leivaditou created the double duty convertible desk, with a space for napping under your workspace. Part of the desk even flips down to make a mattress, so you can stow your pillow and rest space out of sight until you're ready to slide in for a snooze.

Here's the rub: this nap desk is just a concept and not a reality. Not yet, anyway.
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