Did Tyga Really Get Kylie Jenner's Name Tattooed on His Arm?

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A few months ago, a fan photo of Tyga surfaced and he seemed to be sporting a new tattoo - of Kylie Jenner's name. The rapper never confirmed or denied that he'd gotten her name inked on the inside of his elbow and since it was never clearly seen again after that, people were left to wonder if he was just messing with the media.

After all, the Jenner girls are no stranger to pretty convincing temporary tattoos and that was before Kylie and Tyga had confirmed they were officially an item, so he could have just been trying to tease us.
Finally, six months after the original pic surfaced, Tyga confirmed that he did, in fact, get a tattoo of Kylie's name.

During a sneak peek of season 11 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (below), Kris Jenner noticed her daughter's name on Tyga's arm and did us all a solid and straight-up asked him about it. Tyga confirmed that it was her name and actually seemed kind of shy about the whole thing.

There were rumors that Kylie was going to get a tattoo of Tyga's name when she turned 18, with a source telling Hollywood Life, "Kylie loves the idea and she's down to do this. But, she did talk to her big sister Khloe about the idea since Khloe has Lamar's name tattooed on her." It looks like she decided against getting his name - for now - but she did get a heart tattoo pretty much the second the clock struck midnight on her 18th birthday.
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