This Wearable Helps Work Out Your Hoo-ha

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When we told you about the LOONCUP, we thought that was as far as tech would go with wearables for your vag-jay-jay.

But turns out we were wrong: A new wearable on the market launched today, called Elvie ($199). Like many other wearables, it tracks your fitness. YOUR LADY BITS FITNESS.
GiphyWomen's health expert Tania Boler, the founder and CEO of women-run, UK wearable company Chiaro, wanted to resolve the fact that one in three women have weak pelvic floor muscles (located between your tailbone and pubic bone), leading to sex and bladder issues. Tania worked with doctors, tech experts from wearable company Jawbone, engineers from Dyson and feedback from 100 women who test drove it to develop this personal trainer for your hoo-ha.

To use Elvie, you download an app to access a series of "fun, five minute, video game-like workouts with real-time feedback," according to an official press release.

If you've heard the term Kegels before, that's essentially what's happening here. We haven't tested it, so we can't tell you what a video game for your lady bits is actually like, but we can show you some screenshots.
ElvieWow. Never thought we would be telling you a video game for your hoo-ha.

Elvie says its the only product on the market that can tell if you are doing Kegel exercises incorrectly, greatly reducing the risk of pelvic floor damage. We can appreciate that.

Once you've got a strong AF pelvic floor, the makers of Elvie say that you'll have better core stability, better control over those muscles and even better sex.

So...who's ready to start training for the vag-jay-jay Olympics?


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