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Science Says Women Get More Done When We Play Nice

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According to a study done in 2008, women are way less likely to be taken seriously when they're fired up about something than their male counterparts. Another study was recently done to prove this theory. Participants were asked to be a part of a virtual "jury" that looked at a case and then messaged online with others to decide the outcome. However, the people that the participant was talking to were working off of a script. Four of the five virtual members agreed with the participant, leaving the fifth to be the odd man out.

The people who went along with what the participant said had gender-neutral names, such as Jordan or Riley, but the outlier was given a name that very clearly represented a certain gender, like Sarah or Kevin. When the person who disagreed began stating his/her point, sometimes in all caps to make it seem like an angry expression, the gender with which his/her name was associated, decided on how that participant would react.Here's the kicker: when a man's name was used to present the opposition, the participant usually contemplated whether or not he/she had made the right choice, but when it was a woman's name, the participant became significantly more confident about his/her own answer. This shows that impassioned women are rarely taken seriously, which is most likely because they're seen as "too emotional" or "crazy."

Men are presumed to be angry for a reason, that study concluded, while women's anger is seen as a reflection of internal characteristics, such as a tendency to get "out of control."

Science is science, but the findings here are a bit sexist. Women are already seen as the weaker sex, even in the workplace, so it's not surprising that when they attempt to be assertive and get a point across, nobody really takes them seriously. This is personally infuriating, but I'm female, so what I say when I'm angry doesn't count, right?

Wrong. A female opinion is just as important as any other. Sure, women may have emotions, but so does everybody else on this planet. If we only let men get angry, only half the world would be allowed to have passionate opinions, and that's just not fair. If we can get our point across calmly, then they can, too. If they can get their point across with anger, then so can we.
Ladies, never be afraid to speak your minds. Get angry, get loud and get the attention that you deserve, even if people don't believe in you yet. There will come a time when women hold as much power as men, but it just takes some brave females to get the ball rolling!
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