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The $10 Eyeshadow Proven to Outlast a Sweaty Night Out

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While fall is definitely upon us - along with cozy sweaters, chic boots and our favorite scarves - you can't forget about fall makeup. If you don't consider yourself a makeup guru, summer pink eye shadows and bright lipsticks can no longer be worn in in October; I hate to break it to you. I'm sorry for those who are fans, but along with our wardrobes, our makeup has to transition with the seasons as well. Luckily for you, Hard Candy has an ahhh-mazing line of fall makeup that won't break the bank. Think dark shimmery smokey eyes, soft nude and red lip glosses and an awesome liquid eyeliner. I couldn't be more excited to test out three awesome products by Hard Candy and it's safe to say, I'm a fan!

Let's begin with the Glitter Gel Palettes. For less than $5, the set includes three glitter gel palettes that (as quoted on the box) "create the perfect look from natural to intense glam, day to night." The packaging is adorbs in small, compact palettes; I can't get enough them. With colors such as dark brown, shimmery maroon, intense green and a gorgeous gold, this palette is like fall bottled up in six fab eye shadows. When used for a night out, I couldn't get over how pigmented these shadows were. To be honest, I only know of high-end makeup like Urban Decay for being very pigmented and long-lasting; however, this inexpensive glitter palette made my eyes pop and lasted through a night of (sweaty) dancing.
Eyeshadow paletteNext is the Smokey Eye Collection. Wow, talk about everything you need all in one set! This fun set includes all the essentials to create that perfect smokey eye. It contains a mascara for gorgeous long lashes, one eyeliner pencil if you want a blended look, a liquid eyeliner for a more intense line, an eyeshadow palette containing all the colors you would need, two lip-glosses - one perfect for day, one for night, an eyeshadow primer and an eyeliner brush, for that blending.

OK, that was a mouthful! All this for...wait for it...$10! You can't go wrong with the Smokey Eye Collection. If you're struggling getting that blending down for this look or the darkness of a smokey eye intimidates you, watch some YouTube some tutorials and you'll be looking fab in no time with this set!
Last but certainly not least is Hard Candy's Ombre Color Waves nail collection. Let's take some time to read that again. Yes, I said ombre nail polish. For less than $5, this set includes five fabulous nail polish shades for the DIY nail gal. Unfortunately I already had my nails done when reviewing this set, but I did however, test it on my toes. The five shimmery colors include pink, dark purple, green, blue and black AND glitter nail file. Yes, my 5-year-old self came back to life and I tested all five colors on each of my toes! It looked like a bag of Skittles exploded onto my feet, but I loved it! Side note: The colors have unfortunately been removed since my mom said to stick to one color; thanks mom *insert crying emoji face*.
You absolutely need to get your hands on Hard Candy's fall collection, which hits Wal-Mart shelves this November. For those who are looking to experiment, test the waters with makeup or are absolute pros, you will all love it. Have fun!

*Writer's note: The pictures I took of me with the looks I created with this collection did not do the makeup justice, but trust me, my makeup was on point.
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