This Female Football Player Wears Number 13 Because of Taylor Swift

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Haters gonna hate. Just ask 11-year-old Juliette Haming all about that. She just ignored her haters and shined a bright light on football, a sport that needs some positive headlines these days, and it's all thanks to Taylor Swift.

The young girl from Kentucky is a football player. Yep, she goes out on the field with boys her age, and owns. Of course, her new sport brought on resistance from other players and their parents. But that didn't stop her.

The young girl channeled her inner T-Swift, shook that negative ish off, and proudly wore No. 13 on her back, hoping that sporting Tay's well-known lucky number would help her emulate the pop star's quick rise to the top. Ah, Taylor would be so proud, wouldn't she?!

"The number 13 is an unlucky number, but Taylor Swift has made it the luckiest number it can be," Juliette explained to the Courier-Journal.

"... Her favorite number has been 13, and it has gotten her all the way there. And I feel like if my number is 13, it will get me all the way there."

What's even cooler than all that T-Swift love? Now, after Juliette has done her thing on the field, her school's conference, the Catholic School Athletic Association, has decided to change its bylaws, enabling girls to take the gridiron. Talk about toughness and kick-ass girl power!

It seems like this is the new thing. Football and girls are starting to mix more and more, and we love it. Actually, the NFL just named it's first female referee AND lady coach.

Stay fearless, Juliette!
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