This Is the One Phrase You Couldn't Say Anywhere on Facebook

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Did you ever try to write "everyone will know" to someone on Facebook? As of just yesterday, it was impossible to do so. And in some way, it was kind of creepy.

News started to spread on the 'book that if you typed in the words "everyone will know" in the comment section, in a message or as a wouldn't let you. A "blocked" message popped up informing the writer that it cannot say those exact words. Sometimes it would lead to an error message. WTF, right?! Why is this phrase blocked? Why does it trigger Facebook's security?

"This was a mistake with our spam filter and our engineers have resolved the issue," Melanie Ensign of Facebook security communications told The Huffington Post. HuffPost also confirmed that the phrase can now be posted.

"We're constantly updating the rules used by our spam-fighting engine and this particular phrase erroneously got caught in the mix," she explained. She didn't know exactly how long the phrase had been banned.

We're just glad there's some kind of explanation. That whole thing just gave us a spooky feeling...maybe it's because of Halloween?
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