Here's What Happened to the Guy Who Bought For $12

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The rumors are true: Someone DID buy for $12 (via Google Domains, no less!), but there's more to the story. Sanmay Ved, the guy who bought it was actually a former Google employee - and not a disgruntled one.

While it could have been the deal of the century and he probably could have sold it back to Google for an insane amount of money, the guy wasn't interested in doing that. In fact, he alerted Google security to let them know about the vulnerability and they must have been SO happy that he was the one who discovered and bought it. Can you even imagine the possibilities?

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As if this guy's brilliance and his 'momma would be proud' conscience isn't cool enough, what he did next is seriously next-level awesome. In a blog post on LinkedIn, Sanmay explains that Google Security contacted him to offer him a reward. Rather than accepting the money, Sanmay requested that the tech giant donate the reward money to the Art of Living India Foundation instead.

Can this get any more amazing? Yes, it can, actually. Because Sanmay is donating the reward to charity, Google chose to DOUBLE it.


Go Sanmay...and Google!
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