High School Football Team Crowns 3-Year-Old Homecoming Queen

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This high school football team may be tough on the field, but it's clear they have a soft side (and we love it).

The Denver, Colorado Manual High School football first met a 3-year-old girl with heart complications while participating in a community project recently, and according to KTLA, she had a major impact on them. The team worked hard to turn Avelynn's barren home backyard into a beautiful lawn at the time, and they didn't stop there.

The tiny tyke, who was not expected to live past six weeks when she was born, and has had several open-heart surgeries, touched their hearts so much that they wanted to do more. "When we saw that little girl walk out onto her new lawn it touched my heart so much," senior running back Losseny Kone told KTLA. "I wanted to cry."
So, they decided to invite her to their homecoming game, and surprise Avelynn by crowning her homecoming queen. "There is something special about high school and a high school football game on a Friday night and meeting little Avi we wanted to make sure we could share that experience with her," defensive coordinator Benjamin Butler said.

"Her coming out here today is what really is going to drive us and our passion is what we need as a team and a school to see this girl walk out and be crowned queen. Something she probably won't experience ever so it really means a lot to us," senior running back Losseny Kone said.
Little Avelynn, who wore a frilly dress for the occasion, was all smiles as the crown was placed on her head (she even waved a wand she brought with her). "Our coach always has a saying: choose life," another player said. "That little girl chose life. She chose to move on." This team is giving us so many feels.

We can't think of a better way to celebrate homecoming or a more deserving homecoming queen. Such a sweet gesture.


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