How a Shark Attack Saved This Man's Life

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Generally, when we hear stories about shark attacks, it's because someone tragically lost their life. In this case, we're hearing about it because getting attacked by a shark SAVED this guy's life.


Yes, you read that right. Sounds crazy right?

So, how did a shark attack turn out to be a good thing? Eugene Finney tells CBS that while he was vacationing with his girlfriend and his two kids in Huntington Beach, California, he got a scary surprise. "Something struck me from behind. I'd never been hit like that before," he told them. "It was pretty jarring. It kind of gave me an instant whiplash."

He was a little bloody, but felt OK until later that evening, when he started having chest pains. "The pain was caused by interior bruising of the thoracic cavity due to blunt force trauma," he says, after receiving the diagnosis in the emergency room. But that wasn't all, "They had discovered a growth, or a tumor, on my right kidney about the size of a walnut."

Turns out, Eugene had cancer, and had it not been for that early diagnosis, his story could have had a very different ending. Fortunately, doctors were able to do a minimally-invasive surgery and remove the tumor.
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