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Selena Gomez's 'Revival' Album: Yay Or Nay?

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Fans all around the world have been patiently waiting for Selena Gomez's album Revival to come out and Oct. 9, the waiting came to an end. With the three singles being released: "Good For You," "Same Old Love" and "Me & The Rhythm," it teased fans into wanting to hear the new sound that Selena brings to the table.

If you have not already bought Selena's album, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Here's the link. Below, is my review.

1. "Revival"

The opening of this track comes off with a message from Selena, a little mantra to remind herself to stay positive. The song starts off slow and sweet, and when the chorus swings around, there is no stopping getting out of your chair and dancing to "this sick beat."
2. "Kill 'Em With Kindness"

If you read the constant articles about the "Jelena" drama, then you know this is a song that has been reported to be about Justin. As you keep listening. you realize it couldn't be more wrong. As she's singing about how badly she is being treated, you can come to the conclusion that she is talking about what everybody is saying about and how she feels about their opinions. With this song, she's teaching all of her fans to take the high road and not give in to the haters. Since she is a role model to so many little girls, this can be their anthem to realize to stop being cruel to one another.

3. "Hands To Myself"

Selena shows off how much sex appeal she really has with this little number. There has been speculation that this could be about Justin as well, describing a mystery man as "no good." When she starts off, it's a sexy little whisper to high notes expressing how much she doesn't want to keep her hands to herself.
4. "Same Old Love"

Being the second single of the album, it is a new sound that has brought a new demographic to Selena's music. She found a way to write about her personal struggles while mixing it with sick beats and a very contagious melody. Good luck trying not to sing your heart out with this song!

5. "Sober"

Just the song title alone makes you wonder what she's talking about. Is it her sobriety? Somebody else's sobriety? Is it really about alcohol/drug use or inner sobriety? This track is yet another dance number. Selena has become an expert to turning her feelings into a dance track so while some people are just bopping out to this album, others are really listening to her lyrics for what they are.

6. "Good For You"

With this song dominating almost every radio station across the globe, everyone already has their opinion. Selena shows off once again her sex appeal and her desires.
7. "Camouflage"

Anyone who has ever gone through a tough break up and had a hard time getting through it, this is the song for you. This song is cry-on-the-bathroom-floor-while-on-repeat track. In this track, Selena gets completely vulnerable and raw and shows just how much she was struggling with her relationship. In my opinion, this song is absolutely about Justin and how much she was struggling and what she was feeling. STAY STRONG GIRL.

8. "Me & The Rhythm"

With Selena going back and forth between being an independent bada** woman and her sexual appeal, this one is another for the sexy side. While you're listening to her vocals on this track, you can't help but imagine her performing this on her tour and her moving to the rhythm.

9. "Survivors"
Just like Taylor Swift and her squad and how she keeps her friendships tight, Selena has taken a page out of her book and wrote about her BFF-squad. It shows that someone is their to help her up off the floor when she has fallen and how someone is always their for her to help pick up the pieces.
10. "Body Heat"

When I first heard "Body Heat," I was hypnotized by the lyrics. While she's singing about how she wants to share her body heat with someone, you can't help but imagine what this music video would look like. It's a fun and dance-y track that shows off Selena's sexuality.

11. "Rise"

This track feels like a part two of the song "Revival." Showing off her slow melodies and busting into a kicka** chorus. It sounds like she has a church choir helping her sing the word "rise," showing off how strong she is and that it took a lot to get there.

12. "Me & My Girls"

This song is all about girl power. #BUILTBYGIRLS! This track is showing how much she values her girlfriends with lyrics like, "I'm going home with who I came with, and who I came with ain't you." She's showing once again that she's an independent woman who don't need no man!
13. "Nobody"

Selena gets even more candid about her love life and throwing her heart and soul into this song. It shows the truth about what love means to her and that not every relationship is meant to last forever. Once again possibly inspiring younger fans that your first love won't be your last and that you shouldn't hold on to everything.

14. "Perfect"

The track "Perfect" is kind of ironic. You would think she is talking about either a relationship or her professional life that is going the way that she wanted, but not so fast, it's all about the betrayal in this one. Clearly she was betrayed by a past relationship when there was possibly a wandering eye. Even Selena goes through the same thing that us normal people do, and she wants us to know all about it.
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