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Every OMG Moment From 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 7 Premiere

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In case you missed Thursday night's season 7 premiere of the The Vampire Diaries (or need someone to make sense of everything), we've got you covered!

Last time we left off, season 6 ended with Damon decapitating Kai (aka the evil character that we love to hate), Liv sacrificing her life for Tyler, Stefan pouring his heart out of Caroline (#bfgoals), Tyler leaving Mystic Falls, and Elena entering a coma for the next few decades. Oh, and Mama Salvatore resurrected her vampire companions (aka the Heretics) from way back in the day. The intense episode concluded with Damon standing on the ledge of Mystic Falls' clocktower, overlooking all the chaos around him. Talk about a major cliffhanger.

Whew, that was a lot to catch up on! Now for the juicy deets from TVD's most recent episode.

The episode begins three years in the future, showing a wounded Stefan not in Mystic Falls, but in Brooklyn. Say whaaaat?
Paul Wesley TVD Season 7And it get's weirder. Stefan runs over to a casket, opens it, and revives Damon (who has apparently been sleeping for the past few years.

The episode then goes back to the present day, following Elena's departure from her friends. As instructed by Elena, Caroline has been writing in a diary; meanwhile Bonnie, Alaric, and Damon are in Amsterdam drinking away their sorrows. Alaric is still distraught over the death of Jo, and Damon is in misery ever since Bonnie lived and therefore put Elena in a coma until she dies.
Damon and AlaricCoincidentally, one of the Heretics has also been keeping a diary of her own. I guess we should have seen this coming, since the show IS called The Vampire Diaries. After being asleep for years, the Heretics have a hard time assimilating with the 21st century. Needless to say, they cause a bit of havoc in town, attacking innocent citizens.

And lets not forget that steamy makeout scene between Caroline and Stefan. We knew Caroline couldn't stay away from Stefan for too long (have you seen him?)!

On a less positive side, the Heretics set fire to a ceremony for graduating cops. Luckily, Matt made it out alive and is now a certified deputy. Oh, and Lily was NOT happy with their behavior.
TVD HereticsEventually, our favorite resident vampires agree to make a truce with Lily and the Heretics. To protect the innocent civilians, all the townspeople are evacuated from Mystic Falls, which explains that final scene from last season's finale.

The episode ends with the time jump from the beginning of the episode except with a little more details on WTF is going on. Apparently Stefan woke up Damon because an unidentified female character is out to get Stefan, and he clearly can't handle it. Big bro to the rescue!

Make sure you tune into to this Thursday's episode of TVD; this season is going to be insane!!
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