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Does Your Major Define You?

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How many times have you been criticized for the major you've picked in college if it isn't health science, engineering or law? For some reason, people have this idea that if you're not one of those majors, you're lazy or wasting your intelligence.

I am someone who experiences this firsthand. I am a communications major because I want to follow my dreams and do something I am passionate about. However, for some reason, this makes me a target. I will have family members telling me I'm wasting my intelligence on an "easy" major. I will have friends telling me that my major is not science, so I have no reason to be stressed out. For some reason, people seem to think that following your dreams and doing something you're passionate about is being lazy. I'm here to tell you it's not.
I am in no way lazy in my coursework just because I am a communications major. I am taking a full load of classes. I have a job. I have an internship. In my classwork, I usually have papers and exams due every week. Yet, for some reason, all of this is discredited because I am not majoring in science.

I just wanted to give my own experience to let everyone know that your major does not matter. You can be stressed out. You can have a lot of work. You are smart. You are following your dreams. You are doing something that you are passionate about. Just because everyone else seems to discredit it, doesn't mean that you are not working hard.

In the end, everyone who is discrediting your intelligence or your drive to do well is more reason to continue to push forward. Prove them wrong and show them that you may have picked this "easy and lazy" major, but you are going to be successful.
Personally, I have stopped letting the words and judgments of others get to me. I'm going to live my life and show them all that my passions will get me far.

Keep dreaming, friends.
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